Little Shop Of Horrors



Seymour Krelborn plods along in a humble low-paid job at Mushnik’s Florist until a strange new species of plant comes his way. Everyone seems fascinated at this hitherto undiscovered variety of flytrap, and interest grows almost as quickly as the plant itself. Why does it grow so fast? Why are people disappearing, never to be seen again? What is the secret Seymour is hiding? Why is success, fame and fortune suddenly coming his way? Only he knows. And the secret is much scarier than anyone can imagine, a secret which even Seymour himself soon finds he is no longer able to control.


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is a long standing cult classic which satirizes many things: sci-fi, B-movies, musical comedy, even the Faust legend itself.  It is a suitably dark tale for this Halloween season of darkening evenings. Don’t miss it!


Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Alan Menken

Based on the film by Roger Corman
Screenplay by Charles Griffith

Originally produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director)

Originally produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Shubert Organization